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Tom Drake

"An Attitude with a Tie"

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Born and raised in New Jersey and the product of thirteen years of Catholic education, stand-up comedian Tom Drake's act has been called "An Attitude with a Tie." His likable style and funny observational skills, however, have made him a popular performer in Atlantic City, Las Vegas, on the concert stage and aboard cruise ships around the world. A late entry into the comedy field, Tom was 36 years old when he finally went full time. 


In 1995, Tom received an offer to audition for the major cruise lines at an entertainer showcase in Miami, Florida. He accepted and arrived to discover that his audition would be after 15 other acts and that he would be following an Al Jolson tribute. Despite the hour and his following, a guy singing "Mammy" his audition went very well.


 The next day his agent informed him that he had offers for fourteen months of work on five different cruise lines. Well, those fourteen months turned into twenty-three years that have included visiting 80 countries, countless Caribbean islands, experiencing a few hangovers, contracting influenza A, an emergency appendectomy in Crete, and a third wife who is a Cruise Director. In 1999, Tom married Dottie Kulasa, a cruise director who has spent more years at sea than Tom.


So, Tom has spent the last twenty-three years as one of the hardest working comics in show business that "no one has ever heard of", spending thirty-five weeks per year at sea performing in front of audiences of 700 to 1500 as a showroom headliner.


Tom says if he could change one thing in his career so far, he would have pursued television appearances more aggressively so his parents could have seen him perform more.


However, the ships offered Tom the chance to develop his act in front of a cross-section of America and see the world at the same time".


Oh, and get paid for it too!

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Tom Drake

Tom Drake

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