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Jamie Michael Stewart

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Jamie Michael Stewart is an International recording artist.  He has recorded over 1000 broadcasts with the B.B.C. Radio and Television Orchestras and voted “Vocalist of the Year” by the B.B.C.  Jamie has appeared in many major venues throughout the world including “Entertainment Centre of the World” in Las Vegas.  Successfully appearing on many of the five star luxury cruise liners as Headline Entertainer, he has a broad following of passengers who are entertained with his performing presence and eminent vocal phrasing.  Jamie’s acting and singing career led him to playing the lead role in a musical tribute to Bing Crosby and Frank Sinatra & Friends, which toured the major theatres and led him to more acting and singing parts on television in Europe and the U.S.A.   He has performed with many of the Star Entertainers including Bob Hope, Jerry Lewis, George Burns, and Phyllis Diller.  Jamie and his band opened up the shows for the Beatles and the Rolling Stones and performed alongside Sir Elton John.  He is highly praised for his vocal rendition of Frank Sinatra.  Other famous impersonations include Tony Bennett, Sammy Davis Jr., Barry Manilow, Nat King Cole, Matt Monro, Perry Como, Bing Crosby and many more, all of which he does without props.  Jamie continues his professional success entertaining all over the world, demonstrating a remarkable ability to maintain his appeal and pursue his musical goals.  A true professional not only singing popular music and ballads but also giving his audience a touch of novelty and nostalgia

Travels from US (winter) UK (summer)       Nationality UK               3- 45 minute shows 

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