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Balde Silva

"You are Never Too Old To Rock N' Roll"

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The former founder and lead singer of the hit rock group "Toby Beau," Balde Silva co-wrote and their #1 hit song "My Angel Baby." 

During the time with Toby Beau, Balde, and the band toured with the Doobie Brothers, Bob Seger,  Steve Miller, and many other many hit bands.

Later on, Balde was signed by RCA as a solo artist and then moved to Nashville to produce his next album.  This album would contain his Top 40 smash remake of the Casinos "Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye."

Balde continues to write and perform.  For the last 15 years as both a headliner on cruise ships and in concert with his smash show, "You Are Never too old to Rock N' Roll. A  show that features music from one of the great eras in modern music and showcases Balde on his first love, the guitar.

Travel from Texas               Nationality USA              3-45 min. shows            Rock N Roll Tribute Show

Balde Silva "My Angel Baby"

Balde Silva "My Angel Baby"

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